Homeschool Conference

Decatur, Alabama

Join us and be inspired!

You are invited to join us for a FREE 3-day homeschool conference. This conference will introduce veteran homeschooling families, as well as, newbies and those just considering venturing into home educating their children to the classical skills of learning. As a participant in the conference you will explore the arts of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric through the study of history. You will walk away with new ideas of encountering history in our everyday lives. You will be more able to help your child ponder the who's, what's, and where's while delving into the why's and how's. Come find out how a look back can direct the trajectory of our future! Practicum 2016, “Navigating History: The Art of Argumentation”, promises to be a rich blessing for all who attend.

Welcome to "Navigating History" - Parent Practicum 2016!

Introducing our Speaker - James Liebbe

James Liebbe is excited to be one of our new practicum speakers, as well as a Challenge I director this year.

God has called James to "Teach what accords with sound doctrine" in all that he does.

He brings decades of experience teaching complex concepts to a wide variety of audiences with a crisp, clear, and fun approach that makes it easy to understand his message.

As a dad of four redheads, he also understands the challenges we face in reaching the individual learning needs of our unique children.

He looks forward to engaging with our families as we open a new year "Navigating History."


PLAYCAMP (3 - 5yrs)

Designed for preschool students, our play camps are a mixture of play, simple art activities, and memory work chanting. Your children will enjoy this time and may learn a few grammar pegs in the process!

Please bring: Any needed items in a labeled bag and a cup with your child’s name clearly marked. A snack will be provided daily. Parents are responsible for picking children up and providing lunch during the one-hour lunch break.

GEO-DRAW CAMP (6 - 8yrs)

During our popular Geo-Drawing Camp, children will spend three days drawing and mastering the earth’s geography, including the major features and political boundaries of the continents. Facilitators will teach the classical model and drawing skills in order to help students complete their projects. We use techniques from Mona Brooks’s Drawing with Children; your child is sure to love attending this camp! Optional resource: Trivium Tables: Cycle 2 Geography

Please bring: Two good erasers, a ruler or straight edge, two pencils, and a daily snack with beverage. Parents are responsible for picking children up and providing lunch during the one-hour lunch break.


Using Story of the World, PreScripts: Medieval and World History Cursive and Art Lessons, and Foundations Cycle 2 Audio songs, students will love learning about the heroes of history and handiwork. Students will learn about monasteries and illuminated manuscripts and about heroes from the Bible and from European history. Students will learn to draw historical scenes, make an illuminated manuscript, and will participate in fun games and skits. Students will get a great introduction to Foundations Cycle 2 history. Required resource: Prescripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons: Med to Modern World History

Volunteer positions available for students over 13. All optional and required resources can be purchased at our bookstore on Day 1. All Kid's Camps have a nominal fee paid at registration.

Decatur Parent Practicum

Monday, June 20th, 9am to Wednesday, June 22nd, 4pm

2159 Beltline Road Southwest

Decatur, AL

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Our Kid's Camps are filling up fast! If a camp you need is full, contact Carla Jones or Kristyn Turney for assistance.


We believe that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children. Through our Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge programs, we support parents and students along the journey of homeschooling. We’d love to have you join us!