Canada vs Angola Economic goals

By: Dustin Wolf

Economic Breakdown

By Achieving one economic goal, others are impacted by its achievement. For example, when a country is economically efficient they may be focusing on the other goals of economics such as growth or innovation. You want to make the most out of the resources that are provided to you but if you are trying to grow and innovate then you may not be as efficient due to wasted materials from tests and new trials.

Developed Countries vs Undeveloped Countries

Canada values economic efficiency because they, being a big lumber producing country, need preserve the trees they have and make sure they don't overuse them. They also have a decent amount of economic freedom due to the high number of imports and exports in their country. Angola on the other hand has lower economic efficiency because they are a less developed country. They are forced to do a lot of things manually which lowers their efficiency a lot. They also rely solely on imports and exports for their annual GDP.