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Biographical information

Marco polo was born in 1254 in Venice,Italy He was a in a wealthy veteran family.His mother died ,when he was young his father Niccolo and his uncle Maffeo were jewel merchants and spent most of marcos childhood in Asia.


What did he sail for/ Who financed his voyages?

Marco polo sailed because he was trying to find a sea route to asia and then he called the indians the americas.

Marco polo was financed to Khubilai. Khubilai was sent on a official business to the port city,of Hangzhou,so he had marco polo journyed across land China and into present day- Myanmar.


What are the circumstances of his death?

Christopher columbus purportedly saled to the new world with a copy of Marco Polos "Travels"in tow.Thinking he would reach asia and having no idea about the Mongol Empire's collapse,Columbus marked up the book with notes in preparation for a meeting with Khubilai Khan's descendant.


Why is he historically significant?

Marco polo was one of the first and most famous europeans to travl to Asia during the middle ages.He traveled farther than any of his predecessors during his 24 year journey along the silk Road,reaching china and Mongolia,where he became a confident of Khubilai Khan.


Answer to EQ

The explorer that would have influenced me to want to imigrate from Europe to where they explored would be christopher columbus. Christopher Columbus went on a total of 4 voyages. Although his ambition to explore came from the desire to find a shorter path to India to sell his spices, he stumbled upon the America's. Christopher Columbus was not the first to discover America. A man by the name of Leif Ericsson discovered America.

Columbus sailed in an expedition with three ships.Columbus captained a ship called the Santa Maria.Two months after setting sell they landed on the caribbean islands off southeastern north america.Columbus believed he was in Asia.Columbus wrecked his ship on the return voyage.This did not deter Columbus.He continued to sail with three successful voyages including the main land that we now call home.