GT Update News: Edition 25

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Congratulations are in Order!

The kids and their families have been very busy at BB Owen the last few weeks. Many of our GT students were recognized for their participation and placement in BB Owen's annual Jog-a-Thon, Kids Chase by the Lake, with Jake Baxter taking first place overall for boys, and Kaylee Veath taking first place overall for girls, as well as the annual LISD Art Show. Hats off to all of you! See the video below to watch two of our very own pie Ms. Crandell and Mrs. Anderson. They were two of three top money raisers for the Jog-a-Thon:)
IMG 1816
Last week in fifth grade, they continued to finalize their brainstorming and started their final unit products. I saw everything from iMovies to video games that depict their innovations, as well as presentation boards and brochures. This is a creative group, so I'm anxiously awaiting the finish line. Stay tuned for pics.
The last time fourth grade and I met, we discussed, in detail, the types of adversities in our own lives and the various coping mechanisms that help us deal with such adversities. It always amazes me to hear how insightful they are during these types of conversations. They also examined some applicable vocabulary words by creating a Frayer model for some. We also found relationships between adversity and conflict found in our read-a-loud, Who Was Steve Jobs? This week I will introduce literary themes and they will write a first draft narrative that includes a focused topic, conflict, and a literary theme. Then they will choose a picture book from the library and create a product that identifies the topic, conflict and literary theme. Next week, I will introduce character archetypes, and they will apply this to their already started narratives.
The last time third grade and I met, they learned about components of various advertisements: corporate name, product, and brand names. They went on an advertisement hunt and located these components in various magazine advertisements. I also introduced them to the different advertising mediums and they began creating an advertisement for Dr. Pepper through a chosen advertising medium. Each pair of students will finalize their advertisements for Dr. Pepper this week. Then we will look at the various advertising techniques that are used to get us to buy certain products. They will also look at ad "puffery" and laws. These activities are meant to get our young students started in closely examining sources and what they see within all media.
Last time I met with second grade, they completed writing their questions under each science interest, then they narrowed down their experiment questions. Then I introduced them to the components of a science experiment: independent/dependent/constant variables and control. They also completed a science experiment by changing one of the variables from the first experiment. They mixed vinegar and baking soda again, but this time they mixed both in an empty water bottle covered by a balloon. The question was would the balloon change, and why? They also identified each component within the experiment. This week, they will begin to think about their own experiment question and research to begin the process.
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