Growing with STEM in Fourth Grade

May 16-20

This Week in Fourth Grade

It is hard to believe there are only 11 more school days left between us and summer vacation. With that in mind, we our scholars continue to persevere and work hard until the very end. As you may have heard, we are now in the process of building our golf courses. We will still need volunteers on Monday to help build (see the blurb below.)

Don't forget to check the calendar below for dates that span to the end of the school year. This includes our Field Day, Awards Ceremony, and early dismissal for the last day of school.

Young Engineer's Night

Mark you calendars now for our 2nd annual Young Engineer's Night. It is scheduled for Thursday May 19th and will run between 6:00 and 7:30. We will have an engineering Exhibit in the GYM, with experts and exhibits from Hewlett Packard, UTA Mobile Robotics, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Mouser Electronics and more. In addition, families can participate in hands on engineering design challenges in the engineering strand of your choice throughout the evening.

Building Golf Courses- Still Need Your Help!

Your scholars have been waiting for a long while now to have the opportunity to build their golf courses. They have created plans and models, and will now be piecing together and building their courses. We still need parent volunteers on Monday morning who are willing to help us finish putting together their courses. Please use the sign-up to check for an open time.

Also needed are Material Donations

If you have any of these items that you no longer need, we are in need of the following items to help build the golf courses.

*Cardboard boxes (as many as we can take),

*Small (1-4 foot in length) boards

*3 inch diameter PVC Pipe

*Shoe Boxes, Large Plastic Cups

Parent Volunteers are Needed- Only 11 Spots Left!

There is an upcoming fundraiser for the Sky Ranch Field Trip, and we need your help! Please use the following link to sign up to help at our Main Street Days Parking lot.

What We are Learning This Week


I can identify patterns in the natural world including: shadows, tides, seasons, and the phases of the moon.


Review of all TEKS


I can pace my reading and thinking to maximize my stamina and comprehend at high levels.

I can use different test taking strategies to be successful.

End of the Year Narrative and Expository

Social Studies:

I can understand the impact of science and technology on life in Texas.

I can identify famous inventors and scientists as well as their contributions.

Important Dates

5/16 Cubs Night Out @ Pluckers

5/17 PTA Talk & Tea 7:45-8:30 - A Focus on Literacy

5/18 NRH20 Music Festival - choir trip

5/19 Young Engineer's Night 6:00-7:30 pm

5/20 Career Day - K-5

5/25 End of Year Awards Ceremonies K-2

5/26 Field Day!

5/27 Bad Weather Makeup Day - Student/Staff Holiday

5/30 School Holiday - Memorial Day

5/31 4th grade Awards Ceremony - 1:30-2:30

6/2 Last Day of School - Early Release 11:45

Summer Reading Fun!

There are many great ways to keep your child engaged in reading throughout the summer! We will be sharing information with all parents during the final weeks of school about FUN learning ideas/opportunities for all of our Cannon Cubs! Click here to read all about Cannon summer reading activities that your child can participate in and earn some FUN incentives when they return to school in the fall.

Nothing to do this Summer? Check this out!

Be sure to check out the awesome summer enrichment opportunities that are offered in GCISD. Summer classes are offered for students that have completed Kindergarten - 6th grade and are ages 5-13. Courses are offered in all areas, including academic, physical fitness, fine arts, as well as special interest classes. Classes run for one week for 3 hours per day either in the morning or in the afternoon. Click here to find registration information for Summer Enrichment or watch this video to learn more about Summer Enrichment opportunities!

PTA Talk and Tea- Tuesday!

We hope you will be able to come for PTA's Talk & Tea this week on Tuesday, May 17th from 7:45-8:30 in the cafeteria. At this event, our campus Learning Liaison, Lisa Brown, and Kindergarten teacher, Kami Anderson, will be presenting to all parents! Both of these fine educators are considered "experts" on literacy and they will be sharing wonderful ideas and resources for parents on how to keep your child engaged in fun and meaningful reading & writing activities throughout the summer!! It is so important to keep our students engaged in learning throughout the summer, so that they can start the year strong in next year's grade level. We'll show you how to do this AND make it fun at the same time. Come enjoy breakfast while you learn! See you there!!

GCISD community votes to support the 2016 Bond!!!

As you may have head the GCISD community has voted to support the bond. Because of the plans to utilize a portion of the Bond to rebuild Cannon, this very exciting news directly effects our scholars. As more information is sent out, I will be sure share it. Until then here is the link to the statement from our District.

NRH2O Music Festival- Wednesday May 18th

All three of Cannon's choirs will be competing at the NRH2O Music Festival on Wednesday, May 18th. If your child is participating in this event or if you are chaperoning, please make sure you have carefully read all of the information from Mr. Lollis. You can read this information here on his blog, or you can visit the choir website here. Good luck to all of our Cannon Choirs & Mr. Lollis! We know they are going to represent Cannon and GCISD well at this event!!

Help Us in the Garden this Summer

Can you family adopt the garden for a week over the summer?? We are looking for families interested in taking ownership of Cannon's Learning Garden for a week at a time this summer! You can spend time with your family watering, pulling week, planting & harvesting vegetables. If you are not able to volunteer for a full week, but would still like to help please let us know. There may be another family that can share a week with you. Please click here to let us know if you are available to adopt the garden this summer. We appreciate your help making the garden a GREAT place for our students to learn!!

Extracurricular Activities at Cannon

In the fall of 2015, the district solicited parent, staff and community member feedback through a new engagement tool, ThoughtExchange. Upon reviewing the feedback the district received, it became apparent that our elementary parents were interested in adding extracurricular activities ​to the school day. Unfortunately, due to the elements that must be taught through the state mandated curriculum, and the restrictions by the state for our school day, we are not able to add extracurriculars as part of our every day life at Cannon Elementary. In order to meet the needs of our families the district is looking at offering some extracurricular activities after school for a fee. If you are interested in possibly participating in this after-school offering, please take this brief survey to provide us with your feedback on course offerings and schedule.

Here is the link to the survey Your feedback is important!!

Free eBooks!

We hope that everyone will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and that it helps further support and engage your child's learning and foster their love of reading beyond the classroom.
  1. Go to the App Store on your device (Apple or Android)
  2. Search for "Open eBooks" and follow the instructions to download.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Agree to any terms & conditions.
  5. Enter your code and PIN combination when prompted. For Pre-K - 4th grade eBooks: Access Code: M6901N0WZ0 Pin: 5806; For 5th-8th grade eBooks: Access Code: MUZI856QUT Pin: 8534
  6. Browse the catalog of books available.
  7. Download eBooks of interest to your child and enjoy reading. Please note that you can download 10 eBooks at a time. Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed.
  8. That's it! Enjoy!!

Help Us Help Cannon

Did you know that it has been OVER 5 YEARS since Cannon has done a school-sponsored fundraiser!?
In an effort to provide an opportunity to Cannon parents to help support Cannon, we are doing a Greenback Fundraiser. Your scholar will not come home with catalogs with cookie dough, wrapping paper, or candy, parents can make a one time donation directly to cannon. Funds raided will help support our growth as a school and curriculum materials/other resources for our scholars and teachers. And donating is super EASY. You can donate online, using a credit card (no fees involved!) or by cash/check. All checks should be made out to Cannon Elementary. Each donation is tax-deductible and a form will be provided on request.

Look for a donation flyer coming home with your scholar soon!

Or if you can't wait: Click here to make a donation ONLINE now! Select the button - Cannon- Growing the Future!!

New Way to Register

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, GCISD will begin using Skyward Family Access to register students. This is a change for families, as the district has previously used Infosnap. New students to GCISD for the 2016-2017 school year, including incoming Kindergarten students may begin registering with Skyward the week of April 25-April 29. All returning students will complete registration in August. Be sure to share these dates with any family, friends, or neighbors who have incoming Kindergarten students or other students who will be new to GCISD next year. To read more about this change in registration systems, click here.