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The American Motorcyclist Association’s Nationwide Move Trip! Month Has Begun

The American Rider Association’s national Move Experience! Month is currently upon us. The state day was April 1st. Go Journey! Month will last through the finish of May, and certainly will welcome the 2014 operating period data, in style—contests, giveaways, etc. Triumph Pete's cycle

In the opportunity you are new to the AMA, it's a nonprofit of the fraction of the thousand cyclists whose goal statement is "to promote the motorcycling lifestyle and shield motorcycling's ongoing future." The AMA can be extremely active in encouraging motorcyclist’s protection under the law.

The Go Drive! Plan is a public outreach of sorts from the AMA, ways to bring routine fans reports, share trip info, recommendations, photos, and, obviously, provide things away. Riders of all lines should post their pictures to AMA’s Facebook site. Or, #AMARideYourWay being used by Tweet. More info is found on the Facebook page as well.

In terms of gifts, AMA has partnered with Tour Master and TRAVEL Racing, PowerTye and ColorRite Road. Over a post about the AMA’s Facebook page, to become qualified to receive a gift certificate from one of those corporations all you have to-do is “like” remarks or an article during its first week. You must do this by 5 pm on April 4th. But don’t fear should you don’t produce the cut this week, you'll be able to give it a go the next week. And also to participate in all this that you don't need to be an AMA member.

Additionally, since we are on the topic of events, don’t forget about Bikes towards the Beach 4th Annual Move (Ocean Area, Md.), which goes from April 24-27. The Spring move can host everything from custom builders, bicycle exhibits, bullriding, great sellers, good food and a lot of drink specials. Discover a youthful article of quarry at Pete’s Cycle blog for more on other events and this. For more details please visit our page at click here
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