Happy Spring Break!!!

Mr H's Class, 3/18/16

Field Trip to Skyliners Lodge and Upcoming Field Trips

The field trip to Skyliners lodge was a great success. Thank you for dressing your students in winter gear. Kelly Beck from the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council led students on a nature walk to the river, led science experiments about erosion with us, and did an art lesson. In response to a student question about how we can help the watershed Kelly said, "get out and enjoy the natural areas in the watershed so you will want to protect them."

There was some confusion about the permission slip as it it was a bit unclear. It looked like we were going to Skyliners Lodge four different times. The other times are actually for the other 2nd grade classes. We do have several upcoming field trips though. In April and May we will again be heading out to Big Sky park a handful of times. Our first trip to Big Sky will be Wednesday, March 30th. Then in June we will be going to Ryan Ranch along the Deschutes river. I'll send more information and dates as we approach those days,


Thanks for all your help with the new homework expectations. There were a few bumps with the transition but it seems like everything is smoothing out. To review, both the reading log and math packet are due each Monday. However, both the reading log and math packet need to come back to school every day in their blue folder. I do this so that I can check progress with students and make sure students are not losing their homework. After the first week of the new homework expectations I had many more kids return homework on time and completed. Thanks again for supporting your student in meeting the homework expectations.

Science Topic: Caves of Central Oregon

Over the last several weeks we have been studying local landforms. Students became very interested in caves in our region. We had many conversations, read books, and did science experiments to better understand how Horse Cave was formed. Horse cave is a cave on private property within walking distance of school and is unfortunately closed for exploration. However, there are many other caves in our region that you might be interested in exploring with your student. Following is a link to a website that gives a wealth of information about central oregon caves and lists caves that are open for exploration.


See our bulletin board below that shows how Horse Cave was formed from Newberry Crater all the way to the cave just east of Buckingham. Students did a great job drawing models and writing explanations of how the cave was formed.

Big image

Design Club Sign Up Now!!!

The 3rd session of Design CLub is starting soon. SIgn up is now open. See the sign up form for more details. I will be hosting the Big Sky Naturalist group. We will be heading out to Big Sky Park each Thursday to learn more about Big Sky and hopefully do a project where we help improve Big Sky Park in collaboration with Bend Park and Rec and Children's Forest.