The Demonata: Lord Loss

By Brandon Kennedy

Plot/Short Summary of Book

Lord Loss is the 1st book in the Demonata series, written by Darren Shan. This novel takes place in Ireland. It is about a kid named "Grubbs" Grady, whose parents are chess fanatics. Throughout the book, he comes to find out that he is haunted by demons and he discovers the existence of many of them. One night, a disaster strikes his family, and he is forced to live in a Mental Institute. He then later moves out to live with his uncle, who is also aware of the existence of these demons. As the book goes on, him and his uncle encounter several more demons and the two are finally exposed to Lord Loss, the main demon. You will have to read the book to find out who wins the battle between Grubbs and his Uncle VS Lord Loss

Ages: 12 & Up (7th Graders-Up) Boys

Age Recommendation

I would recommend this book to 12 year old and up males. The reason being such a high use of violence and demons in the book, (154) that it may not interest the female crowd as much as it would males. There are occasional curse words throughout the book, and very gruesome parts as well. (Page 190)

If you want to read a truly fascinating story, then read this!!!

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