Paulo Panther Weekly

Weekly events and announcements: 05/14/23


  • May 15th - SLT meeting 2:30 PM
  • May 16th - Flag Football 4:30 PM IS72 vs IS75 @ IS51 field
  • May 17th - Honor Society, Jr. Arista, & Arista Ceremonies
  • May 17th - Flag Football IS75 vs IS7 3:30 PM @IS34 field
  • May 18th - 7th Grade trip - I-Play America
  • May 19th- 8th Grade Football tournament
  • May 19th Flag Football 3:30 PM IS2 vs IS75 @IS34 field
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8th Grade Banquet news

  • Our Senior Banquet will be held on Wednesday, June 7 at the Hilton Garden Inn from 5:30 PM until 9:30 PM. Students who are attending must be in school on this day. Students who are absent from school on June 7 will not be permitted to attend the Senior Banquet.
  • We know this event is a very special night for our graduating class and is eagerly anticipated for so many. We also understand that some students desire to make arrangements throughout the day to prepare for this evening. To this end, we are instituting the following guidelines to ensure that all students who plan on attending the Senior Banquet are present for school, and that a procedure is in place for parents to efficiently sign out select students with minimal disruption to the school day while still ensuring each child’s safe release.
  • Parents or guardians of students who plan to attend the banquet and wish to sign their child out of school early on June 7 may do so after 10:40AM. If your intention is to have your child dismissed early on this day, this Early Release Google Form must be completed, no later than June 5. (Note: you will be required to sign in with your email address to access the form).
  • Please expect a longer wait time if you intend to sign out your child between 10:40AM and 11:40AM, as this time historically represents the “mass exodus” of early releases. Your patience during this time is appreciated.
  • These measures are in place to ensure the safety of all students, to release students in an organized and efficient manner, and to facilitate a minimally disruptive learning environment for our remaining students. If you have any questions, please reach out to our parent coordinator, Ms Taccetta, via email or at extension 1111.

Student Spotlight

We would like to thank David Kaht, Olivia Cheng, and Hailley Williams for designing the covers for our 3 Spring Concerts this year! They were unique, well designed, and so creative!

A shoutout to Ms. Runfolo for her guidance and support of her students as always!


School Bus Tracking System Expansion for Bus Routes

In 2019, the DOE began a multi-year project to modernize NYC’s student transportation system. As shown in the related NYC Student Transportation Modernization Plan, the DOE will expand the School Bus Tracking System’s pilot program to two bus companies—Pioneer Transportation Corp and NYC School Bus Umbrella Services—effective May 8. Parents and guardians of students whose bus routes are serviced by these companies will now be able to track where their child’s bus is located through route-linked technology, using the NYC School Bus app (available for download on both iPhone and Android devices). Note that the free app requires a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). Families can periodically check the NYC Student Transportation Modernization Plan page for updates and additional information.

The APP is called "VIA" which can be found int he playstore for Android or App Store for iPhone.

There is also a web version that can be found here

8th Grade Senior Dues & Updates

Senior dues are still being accepted.

  • Please note that payment for the Senior Banquet and Senior Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure will not be accepted until Senior Dues are paid in full. Participation in all upcoming senior activities is contingent upon behavior and overall academic standing. Factors that influence a child’s overall standing include attendance and lateness, class performance, behavior, homework, effort, attitude, and grades. A conduct grade of N, for any reason, may be grounds for exclusion in such events. Payment for all events are accepted online through our website.

  • Our Senior Banquet is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7. Please note that students who are attending this event MUST be in school on this day. Parents or guardians of students who plan on attending the banquet and wish to sign their child out of school early on this day may make arrangements to do so after 10:40AM. Specific details pertaining to our senior trip and banquet with be forthcoming in separate correspondence.

If you have any questions concerning the dues or activities planned, please reach out to our senior events coordinators via email, Ms. LaRocca ( or Ms. Boshnack (

8th Grade Important Dates

  • Friday May 19th - 8th Grade football tournament
  • Monday May 22nd - Service Awards
  • Friday May 26th - Faculty vs Students Volleyball Game 3 PM
  • Friday June 2nd - Great Adventure Trip
  • Tuesday June 6th - Senior Awards
  • Wednesday June 7th - The 8th Grade Banquet at the Hilton on Staten Island.
  • Thursday June 22, 2023 - 10 am Graduation at CSI

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. IS75 is raising money to donate to NAMI, an organization that helps people with mental illness and their families. Everything you donate goes to the New York Chapter of NAMI. The school will be hosting a walk to bring awareness to mental health on May 25th during the lunch periods. Every student will be walking! Sign your students up to become members of our team! Feel free to ask friends and family to donate or support us by simply donating to the IS75 team. With your help we can break the stigma of mental illness!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI Heritage Month) is an annual celebration that recognizes the historical and cultural contributions of individuals and groups of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to the United States.

According to the Pew Research Center, AAPI people are a diverse and growing population that make up about 7 percent of the total U.S. population.

Interested in learning more about the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? Check out the Smithsonian’s resources and engage with music, history and culture spanning centuries.

Explore the journeys of America's Japanese and Chinese immigrants during the 19th century in this exhibit from the University of California.

May is Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month is an annual recognition and celebration of the achievements and contributions to the United States of America by Jewish Americans. Jewish American Heritage Month empowers communities to celebrate the inspiring history of Jewish people in America and educate about Jewish culture.

IS75 Blood Drive

IS75 is hosting a blood drive for parents and staff. Come by and save a life with your blood donation on Thursday, June 8th 2023, 8:30am-2:30pm. Appointments are required and are easily made using the QR code on the flyer pictured. Donations take a total of one hour - including filling out the questionnaire. Please come with ID and please eat a BEFORE donating.

Arista News

Planning for ARISTA has officially begun. Letters were distributed to candidates this week, AFTER grades were reviewed and service credits were verified.

Rehearsals will take place in the auditorium during school hours on Thursday, May 11th .

Below is the schedule for all induction ceremonies which will take place on Wednesday, May 17th.

8th Grade ARISTA - 6:00 pm

7th Grade Junior ARISTA - 9:00 am

6th Grade Honor Society - 12:00 noon

Attention 7th Grade Parents & Guardians!

We are excited to announce the return of the overnight 8th grade trips to Boston and Washington DC. Each year, the 8th graders have the incredible opportunity to attend a fall overnight trip and a spring overnight trip. To be eligible for the spring trip, 8th graders must have all Es in conduct for the first two marking periods; students submit their 8th grade report cards as one part of the application process. Since the fall trip is early in the school year, in order for students to apply (when they are in the 8th grade), they must have all Es in conduct in their final marking period of 7th grade. When your child is in the 8th grade and it is time to apply for the fall trip, your child will need to show a copy of his/her 7th grade final report card. Because this is an out-of-state, overnight trip, only students with exemplary behavior will be eligible. The final marking period has just begun, giving your child something exciting to work towards and to look forward to in the next school year!

Monday Afternoon Virtual ELA Tutoring

We are happy to offer free, Monday afternoon Virtual English tutoring support to our students. Classes will meet weekly on Monday afternoons from 3:30 pm -5:00 pm starting March 13th..Classes will take place remotely through the "Monday Virtual ELA Tutoring Google Classroom".

To attend, register your student at under the payment & Registration tab. Registration is free and guarantees your child an invite into the google classroom.

See the full details on the IS75 Website.

CHAMPS: everyone can join

In the CHAMPS Sports and Fitness Program, students participate in fun, safe, and supervised physical activities before school. The name CHAMPS stands for Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated and Positive Students.

The new session of CHAMPS began on Monday, March 6th, start time 6:35 AM. Champs meets on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday only and will run through June 7th. Any questions email


The mission of the Paulo Arista Society is to make the qualities of scholarship, citizenship, and service function as a beacon of excellence for all members of the school community. To communicate this mission, Paulo has made the requirements for inclusion in Arista (8th grade), Junior Arista (7th grade) and Honor Society (6th grade) as follows:

1. Scholarship – Academic average of at least 91.00% in each marking period with no grade, in any subject, below 80 or “S”. Please note that a course grade of 79 or lower precludes a student from Arista.

2. Citizenship – No citizenship grade below “S” (Satisfactory) in any marking period.

3. Service – The attainment of at least 25 service credits per school year.

4. Attendance/Punctuality – Students absent more than 10 days per school year are precluded. Also, students who are picked up early from school five or more times in a given semester are also precluded from this recognition.

Please see the Student Handbook for a more in-depth explanation of criteria for the Paulo Arista Society.

Service Credits

Service credit is a form of school-based volunteer work where students are acknowledged for their meaningful contributions. In-school service can be in the form of classroom monitoring, being a member of a school team, or even just participating in a spirit event.

Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. School service, partnered with a dedication to their academics, builds a strong foundation for the well-rounded student. Students are afforded opportunities throughout the year to earn these credits. Participation in out-of-school charitable events or organizations does not count for service credits. Participation in said events are recognized separately. Letters of participation in community-based service can be sent in to Mr. Herrmann, who will catalog their efforts and count them toward the Philanthropy Award (given to deserving graduates).

Preliminary Registration for Incoming 6th Grade

If you have a future 6th grader zoned for our school, please complete the preliminary registration online. Middle School results will go out in April.

Or type the following URL code:


Mr. Ferraro, Ms. Henrich and our students have been hard at work writing articles and reviews, while also adding original stories and sports updates.

Click here for access to our newest issue!

Follow this link to find all issues of the Paulo pages The Paulo Pages.


Your Operoo account is where your child's blue card and parent contact information is located. If you have not updated or filled out your blue card, we ask that you do so as soon as possible. This alleviates any road blocks in contacting parents, delays when a student is being picked up early due to illness, or families not receiving important emails from the school. Please make sure all contact info, emails, and the blue card are filled out online and are up to date as well as complete. Thank You!

Jupiter Ed

Parents were emailed an invite for Jupiter Ed on Weds. Nov 9th. Students received letters in advisory last week with log in directions and information for those who have not already signed up. Any questions, please reach out to Mr. Simone via email Jupiter Ed. is strictly being used for grade purposes only.

Saturday Virtual Math Tutoring

We are happy to once again free, Saturday morning Virtual Math support to our students.

Classes will meet weekly on Saturday morning from 9 AM to 10:30 AM starting October 8th.

Classes will take place remotely though the "Saturday Math Tutoring Google Classroom".

To attend, register your student at under the payment & Registration tab. Registration is free and guarantees your child an invite into the google classroom.

Paulo Student-Family Handbook

School Spirit 2022-23

Here at Paulo, we understand the importance of cultivating a sense of student pride and ownership across our hallways and classrooms. We believe that this sense of warmth and optimism allows our students to feel valued and welcomed each and every day and makes Paulo a place where all students can flourish. To this end, we enlist your support in ensuring your child participates in our various Paulo Pride days.

May 25 - Mental Health Awareness, Wear Green

May 26 – Superhero Day

June 20 - High School T-Shirt Day


  1. Health and Safety in Our Schools COVID-19 School Health Policy.
  2. IS75 Website
  3. NYC Schools Account Portal NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)
  4. School Food Forms
  5. Student Account information
  6. Student-Family Handbook Click here
  7. Student transportation
  8. Vaccine portal
  9. Chancellor’s Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning Discipline Code (
  10. A family welcome letter from the Chancellor is available on the Messages for Families page (including translations)
  11. What's happening in NYC Public Schools


Please click here to access the 2022-23 NYCDOE Calendar

Dates to Remember

  • May 22nd - Grade 8 Service Awards 1 PM
  • May 23rd- Soccer Game 4:30 PM IS75 vs IS24 @IS34 field
  • May 23rd - Flag Football Game 3:30 PM IS75 vs IS51 @IS51 field
  • May 23rd - PTA Meeting (General Elections)
  • May 25th - Buddy Day
  • May 25th - Mental Health Awareness Day- wear green
  • May 25th- Soccer Game 4:30 PM IS75 vs Marsh @IS34 field
  • May 26th - Spirit Day- Superhero Day
  • May 29th - Memorial Day School Closed


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