Taking Shape

1st grade

Taking Shape

Students will study geometric shapes in their environment. We will be introduced to this study by using the storybook The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. Students will choose a geometric figure and present their own play or storybook through the lens of their character.
Interactive Read Aloud (video style format for all learners) The Greedy Triangle

How do I get started?

Ask yourself:

- What shape will the character be?

- Why should this character be the lead?

- Why wouldn't this character be happy with his life?

- What changes could be made to this character?

- What will happen as a result of the changes?

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What can I do?

- create a 3d fictional character and portray their character's life through a play.

- create a presentation of a 3D fictional character and portray the character's life through the presentation.

- create a book and online read aloud of a 3d fictional character portraying the life of the character.