Latin Jazz

A Popular Form Of Jazz That Showed What Music Could Be!

As Jazzy As It Gets!

Ernesto Antonio Puente, better known as Tito Puente, is only one of the many Latin Jazz artists that has spiced up traditional jazz, adding many different cultures and new sounds through the use of unique and unusual musical instruments and gave musicians a new look on what jazz could be!

History And Influence: The Story of Latin Jazz!

Latin Jazz!

Rather than just label this style of music as jazz, Latin Jazz has been given it's own sub-genre in the large web of jazz music. Diving even deeper into Latin Jazz, there are two types that can be found, Afro-Cuban jazz and Afro-Brazillian jazz. Afro-Cuban jazz has a rhythm that has patterns taken from popular Cuban dance music while Afro-Brazillian jazz is taken from the style bossa nova, a hybrid form based on samba rhythm.


With such a diverse style of music, many different musical influences and instruments can be heard. Since the bass of Latin Jazz is jazz, traditional jazz instruments like saxophones and trumpets. Latin Jazz also introduced different instruments into the mix. Instruments like the bongo drum and the vibraphone were added to give it its unique and distinct sound.


You Should Be Dancing!

Many popular Latin Jazz rhythms originate from older, traditional Cuban songs. Dances like the Cha-Cha, the Danzón, and the Rumba are all forms of Cuban dance that are associated with Latin Jazz.


Those who dance to Latin Jazz will wear tradition Latin American dance clothing. Women will wear complex and elegant dresses while men will dress in tuxedoes and dress pants. It's good to be presentable when everyone is watching you out on the dance floor!


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