Ancient Greece:

Athens vs Sparta

What was the daily life in Athens like?

Athenians raised their youth very differently then the Spartans. In schools boys would be taught by three different teachers. One teacher taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, a second taught them sports, and a third teacher taught them to sing and play the lyre. The education helped the kids have versatile minds and bodies. Most girls would stay at home learning things like spinning, weaving, and other tasks. In only some prosperous families would girls go to school. Women stayed at home and could only be brought out to places like the agora without an escort.

Beginning a Democracy in Athens

In 600 B.C. Athens, the government was run by a few landowning nobles . That was called an oligarchy Athenians started to rebel against the nobles. Most people owed the nobles money, or sold themselves into slavery to pay of the debt. This man named Solon canceled all the peoples debt and freed all the slaves. he also let all the male citizens be apart of the assembly, which meant they could vote on the laws. Solon began the democracy of ancient Athens.

Athens was a great place for writing and art. People like philosophers, artists, and writers came so think could think and work in freedom. For hundreds of years after that people who wanted to learn would go to Athens and study.


Sparta started training boys for the army at the age of 7. They were very serious about their army Sparta conquered their neighbors the helots and enslaved them. They were scared that the helots might take over, that is why they trained boys for army so often. They wanted the boys to have a well-rounded mind and body.


Men would stay in the army almost their entire life. Women, unlike in Athens, were allowed at places like the agora without an escort because the men were usually in training. Women could also play sports.

They didn't like visitors and travel, and they avoided teaching certain subjects in school because they wanted everyone to think Sparta was the best and that nothing ever was the Spartans fault. It was to keep all of their citizens in their city. They wanted everyone to think the same thing.

Sparta vs athens

Sparta - was very strong in army and were very safe and protected from visitors, also girls could go to the agora or play sports. They didn't have very well learning standards though.

Athens - was the perfect place to feel somewhat protected, and get the best learning experience.

What city-state would you choose ????