Elle Shairrick

By: Elle Shairrick

Positive Self-Esteem

Having a positive self-esteem gives us the strength to take charge of our lives and grow from the mistakes without the fear of rejection. If you have a positive self-esteem then chances are it is the first step in believing in yourself and not caring what others think of you.

Who Am I?

If you are wondering who I am, I am a 13 year old girl from Harrison, Arkansas who is a die hard New England Patriots fan. When it comes to me watching my favorite football team you better watch out, because things will get loco around our house. I also have the passion of running track and cheering with the Junior High squad. I keep my mind positive and do the right things in the right place.

Likes and Dislikes?

I don't like my family and friends; I love them. They are the one thing in my life that will keep my day going. My mom is my motivation and she's all I need. One thing in this world I dislike is money. Money is the root of all evil and it controls us. Yes, money is a big deal but it is not the root to all happiness and most people do not understand that.

Interests and Values

Things I get interested in is certain TV shows. I also like to play football with my brothers as much as I can. The things I value are my phone for communication, family, and my friends. Without out these, my world would not be complete.

Skills and Personality Traits

One of my best skills is tumbling. I tumbled for cheer and I was in one of the highest levels. Another one of my skills are getting things done in time. I always try my best to do my work and have it in before it is late. Personality traits I have are being athletic, being clever, and intelligent.
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Interesting Facts

Some careers I think were interesting that I got were being good at art, drama, and a music teacher. I find these interesting, because I really do not like any of these subjects and they are all the complete opposite of me.

4 Person Matches

1. Senior Industrial Engineer

2. Archivist and Manuscripts Librarian

3. President and Chief Executive Officer

4. Human Resources Development Manager, Construction

- My second Career Cluster was interesting, because I am the exact opposite of a librarian. I want to get a big job and become a lawyer.

Learning Styles

I am a tactile learner so I am more "hands on". This means that I like to do things such as building. I enjoy doing various types of activities that include physical activity. I can gain better listening skills and getting to know more things I am interested in from knowing my learning style.

Connecting Success to Respect

To be able to success you have to push yourself to accomplish your goals. You can accomplish your goals if you have some respect for yourself so you can be lead to success. Success doesn't come easily but with a little work it can.


Definition of Pride: a feeling or deep pleasure

Pride in your own work produces confidence in yourself. Pride produces a much more happy life. You also have the passion of your work. If you have passion in your work that means you love your job and you have a high energy level for what you do. Pride helps you develop a good public image to others by getting things done on time and not having to rush at the last minute for everything.

Connecting Confidence to Independence

When you have confidence in yourself it is one of the first steps of being independent. Having confidence is trusting oneself on something. When you tell yourself that you are confident you are referring to just you. By yourself you can make things happen too. Independence takes a big part in everyone's life.

Does your personality affect your career choice?

Yes, because some people may want easy jobs that don't do anything and make low pay whereas some want a big job to support their family that pays real well. Everybody has a different personality that determines how they are and what they want.