By: Madden Healy

Initiative Definition

Being an initiative leader is being someone that thinks ahead, stays mentally alert, and physically awake. Also they are always thinking ahead, so if a job needs to be done do not stand around and wait for someone to tell you, go out and get the job done.

Leaders Who Have This Trait

  • Someone that is in the marine corps
  • A boss or someone high up at a work place


A person that is higher up in a business would have the initiative trait because they would want there work place to have everything done that is needed to be done. Also they would want to make sure everyone is on top of what they are suppose to be doing. Someone that is in the marine corps would need to have this trait because they always have to be thinking ahead of the opponent they are fighting and they always need to be on there toes getting ready for anything that comes there way.
President Obama's Message to the Young African Leaders Initiative