Jennifer Ciochetti

About jennifer Ciochetti by Apinaya

Role Model and Traning

Jenniefr's nickname is Jenny.So Jenny's sport is a bobsleigh. Jenny's role modle is her mom and her player she is 29 and 1984 her birthday is December the 2. jenniefr's mom tells her what to do and her coach or teacher will tell the team or Jenny what to do for how to win the championships.Jenny was training withh her coach to get championships in bobsleigh because bobsleigh is not easy.You might think it is easy but it is not.Jenny was training about mostly the whole day

Intresting Fact

An intresting fact about Jenny is while Heather Moyse was taking time of from bobsleigh and recovering from injury, Jenny was assinged the position of brakeman from pilot Kilie Humphires. They expereinced immidiate succsess , Winning the world championships in 2012.
Upperton and Ciochetti get win