Rob and Bob's Fans

The best fans on whatever planet fans are awesome!!

The History of Rob and Bob's fans

We sell the best fans ever they are made of glass and are edible. Warning be safe around fans we don't want another slice of 1987 (a man tried to do a chin up on the turning fan an hour later and he didn't have a head).
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About rob

I grew up in kentucky Ireland. I was the President of Berryhilardbillardgillarddillard and the Queen of Keokchiwaii. I opened Rob and Bobs fans when I was pretty young only -30
Crazy ceiling fan
This is one of the fans we sold to a happy customer!!!!!


Fans should be good quality with spinning lights and air conditioning speakers and other special assortments they are highly priced too so this fan is awesome


Fans are the worlds spinny things ~Ben Miller