The Ice Sheet

Vegetation of the Ice Sheet

The Ice Sheet is located in two areas on planet Earth, Greenland and Antarctica. The surface is made of snow, but under it is mainly ice. Although it appears to be cold, the base of the sheet is fairly warm, because of Geothermal heat. Because of Global Warming, both Ice sheets have been shrinking at a fast pace. The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest Ice sheet in the world, being 14,000,000 square km. Species such as seals, whales, fish and penguins live on the Ice Sheet.

The Greenland Ice Sheet


Location-Absolute-72º N and 40º E,

Relative-Borders the North Atlantic ocean, and the Arctic ocean, just east of Canada


The Ice sheet makes a very cold climate. It is always windy, with common snowstorms. There is very little vegetation, and close to no trees. The Greenland Ice sheet takes up 80% of the country Greenland. About 80% of Greenland is made up of the Ice Sheet, and 20% is land

Human Environmental Interactions

Because of the little vegetation, there is not much that man can do to this environment. Also, there are little people who live here, so they don't do much damage to the Ice Sheet.


People who live in this area get most goods imported. There is almost nothing made here, so they must buy things from other countries. People get around with cars, and trains, because walking would get you too cold.


The Greenland Ice Sheet is located in the North-Western Hemisphere. Because it is located in the North-Western Hemisphere, it can be considered to be in the "west".