Fox Frenzy

read to learn about these fascinating creatures

One day I was watching TV when I saw a news report on a fox. A fox was intruding someones yard! The fox was messing up the yard too. The house owner was not happy to see a fox in there yard. The news interviewed the house owner. The house owner said, "I was shocked when I looked out side to see a fox in my yard! But the fox didn't cause too much damage to the yard. I sure am glad!" Eventually the fox left and everything was back to normal.

Dinner Time

Foxes are omnivores. They are at the top of their food chain. Foxes eat mice,voles,rabbits,worms,bugs,also small animals and plants. What a fox eats changes through out the year. In the spring they eat mice and voles. In the fall foxes eat fruit and berries. In winter foxes eat the bodies of animals that have died. Sometimes foxes raid birds nests that are on the ground or in low bushes. They will eat the chicks or the eggs inside. Also foxes will raid farms to eat chickens,geese, or newborn lambs. This can become a habit, if so farmers can loose a lot of their animals. This will not stop happening unless the fox is shot and killed.

Home Sweet Home

Foxes fight for their territories. Stronger foxes get the better homes, weaker foxes get the worse homes. Once a fox finds a home they stay there for life. They can live in many different places. Foxes can live in woodlands,farmlands,towns,garbage heaps, and basicly anywhere else. So foxes have a pretty wide range of places they can live. Foxes also have to mark their territory so other foxes don't come to their land. Also so other foxes know that another fox owns that specific spot as their territory.

Fox Facts

Male foxes are known as dogs. Feamale foxes are also called vixens. Young foxes are called cubs. Female foxes typically have four to eight cubs but the most one has ever had is twelve. Foxes try to avoid cats. When a female is looking for a mate she squeals. Many people thought that sound was a ghost call and that it meant that someone was going to die soon. Foxes are part of the dog family. So foxes are related to different species of dogs and wolfs.
Foxes are very interesting creatures. To learn about, and just in general. There're is just so many interesting things you can learn about foxes. They are smart, wonderful creatures. Well if you take the time to learn about them. They will never let you down if you are looking for something fun and interesting to reseach or learn about. I mean what's not to love about these adorable little things.
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