Mining & Fracking

By: Justin Hart

Surface Vs. Subsurface

Surface mining is above the surface.

Surface mining is more harmful to the environment.

Subsurface mining is not as harmful to the environment.

Subsurface is more dangerous to do you can be buried under the surface.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining~ The removal of a thin layer to get to buried more useful minerals.

Open Pit

Open Pit~ Making giant hole in the ground that you use to get metals, or other minerals.

Mountain Top Removal

Mountain Top Removal~ Mining the summit of the tops of mountains to get Mostly coal but other minerals as well.

Types Of Subsurface Mining...

Slope Mining~ A downward slope that leads to desired minerals.

Drift~ A horizontal passage way in a mine following the bed of coal or minerals.

Shaft Mining~ A passage way from top to bottom of the mine


What Is Fracking~ The Process of getting natural gas (Fossil Fuels) from under ground.

How is it done~ Drilling and putting pressurized fluids into the ground, it creates new areas in the ground to extract fossil fuels.

Dangers To Environment~ The water & chemicals contaminate groundwater and pollutes plants and goes into drinking water