Odell Beckham Jr.

Biograpy by: Derin R

Childhood and Early Life

Odell Beckham Jr. was born on November 5, 1992. Odell Beckham Jr went to Isidore Newman School. He was drafted to LSU in 2011. Odell Beckham Jr's parents were Odell Beckham Sr. and Heather Van Norman. He is engaged with Erica Mendez. She is a model.
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NFL Draft

Odell Beckham Jr was drafted from LSU to the New York Giants. In 2014 he was drafted as the 12th overall pick. He was drafted to the NFL when he was 21 years old. He was very excited to be playing on a good NFL football team.
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Why he is famous

Odell Beckham Jr is famous for being a very good reciever. He was awarded the best catch in the NFL when he jumped up in the end zone and caught a three finger catch in mid air while being fouled. He has actually set the world record for the most one handed catch in a NFL season.
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Odell Beckham Jr's world records

Odell Beckham Jr has set 2 world records both for one handed catches. Odell Beckham Jr caught 33 catches in one minute to break the world record for most one hand catches in the NFL. His other record was catching the most one hand catches in an actual NFL season.

Odell Beckham Jr making the pro bowl

Odell Beckham also made the Pro Bowl this year. In the game he made the best catch in the game when he caught a diving catch almost hitting the ground. He played a good game and also his team won the game.


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