update on democracy!

how it works, and what we dont know

when and how it works

In approximately 550 B.C., democracy took root in Athens, Greece. History shows that although other cities followed democratic principles in Greece around the same time, they were all modeled after Athens, and often not as stable. Democracy, a word first known to be used by Herodotus in 440 B.C. but that likely predates him, attributes power to people, and marks a significant shift from previous governmental systems.

This weeks weather!

Monday-sunny and 76 degrees.

tuesday- partly cloudy and 75 degrees

wednesday- scattertd thunderstorms and 70 degrees

thursday- partly sunny and 80 degrees

friday- sunny and 86 dengrees


recent fights from wars has became a sport! its called Boxing and its with 2 people fighting in a ring with 5 minute rounds.

New Armor!

a person melted diferent metals together and made a super strong sheild.