Who Owns the Learning

The Digital Playground

Learning on the Digital Farm

“To survive in the future economy, kids must learn how to research, publish & communicate, working with the Internet and other information tools.” -Alan November

Want to spend some time in the "digital playground" learning more about apps and online tools that can help innovate learning in your classroom? Check out these resources based on the learning roles in November's "digital farm."

You can find out more about November and his Digital Learning Farm analogy by viewing the link and/or watching his Ted Talk below.

TEDxNYED - Alan November - 03/05/2011

Tutorial Designer

"Students teaching students is a powerful method for building learning and driving creativity and innovation" -Alan November Who Owns the Learning (pg 79 iBook edition).

Provide opportunities for students to own their learning by creating tutorials to share their knowledge with peers as well as a potential global audience.

Student Scribe

"Using a student scribe program encourages students who do not take notes to do so, and it helps students who struggle to take good notes improve their technique through positive feedback and advice from their teachers and peers" -Alan November Who Owns the Learning (pg 66 iBook edition.)

Students can work collaboratively to take notes which are then shared with the entire learning community. November suggests these notes can be posted on the class blog or shared through other digital means.


"Many classrooms have one computer sitting in the back of the room or on the teacher's desk that gets very little use while instruction is taking place. What if that computer became the official research station where one student each day was responsible for finding answers to all the question in class--including the teachers questions" -Alan November Who Owns the Learning (pg 66 iBook edition.)