5th Grade Newsletter

"Tell me I forget. Teach me I remember. Involve me I learn."

Language Arts

Our Journey's selection this week is called Double Dutch by Veronica Chambers. We are focusing on Sequence of Events as well as monitoring/clarifying within text to better our comprehension. Our grammar focus is on common and proper nouns. Our essential question is "What events lead a team to learn double Dutch?". On Friday of this week (10/21) we will take our vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar tests for lesson 4.


This week in writing we will continue working through the letter writing process. Students will be using graphic organizers to complete their multiparagraph writing. Also this week we will be collaborating with peers during the revising and editing stage.


In math this week we will continue into Unit 4. This week we will focus on long division of whole numbers and decimals.

On Wednesday, October 26th we will take our Unit 3 and 4 test.

Any and all homework that comes home will be work that we started together in class. Each student will have work time during their math block to work and ask questions. Please encourage your children to ask questions if they need assistance or clarification!


This week we will continue Mixtures and Solutions. This kit is very interactive and engaging. We will continue Investigation 2: Developing Models and begin Investigation 3: Concentration.

Winter Recess

As the weather is starting to change, it is time to think about clothing for the winter. 5th grade will be going outside all year. This is a change from years past. When there is snow on the ground students will need snow pants and boots to go outside.

CPU Snack Policy

This year at CPU we are implementing a healthy snack policy for all class parties or daily snacks. Birthday treats may remain the same as in the past, but we encourage you to think about healthy alternatives such as fruit and dip, granola bars, or even a non food treat such as glow sticks, party hats, or pencils. Pictured below are some fun examples! Thank you for your cooperation!

Your child may bring a healthy snack to school each day.

"Don't decide you CAN'T before you discover that you CAN!"

Coming Up

10/19 30 Minute Late Start

10/19 2:00 Flag Raising

10/25 Picture Retakes

10/31 No School; Professional Learning

Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar Rock Nouns
Here is a video we are watching this week on Common and Proper Nouns. We love Schoolhouse Rock!

5th Grade Contact Information

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