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Some of the best perks of TRACKSKI are that you are able to get in return of over- time hours not only paid, but also for every eight overtime hours I will add a day to your twelve sick days which you can use for whatever you'd like. If you are able to sell at least ten snowmobiles in within an hour I will give you a 30% discount on your next TRACKSKI snowmobile you purchase. That is only a two time thing. Also TRACKSKI insures all TRACKSKI employees with full car insurance that are loyal and have been in the company for at least two years, and within that time haven't been in any law trouble. You are able to make the decision to have one day in the six workday period to go in late but stay longer. You will still get the same amount of hours as any other day. Finally to encourage more customers you will be able to submit design ideas to the management and they will decide on whether your design will be placed on a snowmobile in the oncoming season or not. Summers are a bit slower so what the company will do then is focus more on trailers. But you will recieve a one moth off of your choosing.

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