Current Science Vocabulary Champs!

Scatter & Gravity on Quizlet

Under pressure...air pressure that is!

These students have reached high scores playing Gravity and raced against time (and each other) playing Scatter on Quizlet to improve their science vocabulary understanding. Let's congratulate our current champions...and I do stress current champions because at any given time these champs can be knocked off the leader's board! However, until then...CONGRATULATIONS to our Scatter Champs Adan_Berreondo with 10.1 seconds in first, Carlos_alfaia10 with 10.2 seconds in second, and dquiroa with 11.2 seconds in third! You guys are q-u-i-c-k! Let's CONGRATULATE our Gravity high scorers cherryscarlet with 44,030 points in first place, ParrotHW with 28,080 points in second and in third we have matteusmaximus with 23,860 points! Everyone's a winner, but these students have showed intense perseverance and deserve to be acknowledged! Go PCMS 6th Graders!!! Whooohoooo!
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