Room 002

May 13, 2016

Quick Survey

The District has come up with a very brief Parent Enrichment survey they would like all parents to take. The survey is about the culture of enrichment at Indian Run and in our classroom. Please click the link here, or on Parent Enrichment survey. If you have any difficulty filling this out, please let me know! Thank you!

Glacier Ridge Metro Park!

Opinion Writing

Thoughts, suggestions, opinions! Everyone has one! We've have taken time this week give ourselves feedback. Comparing two of our pieces and editing on our own. Then we picked our piece that we are going to go through the writing process with. Next week we will start giving our friends feedback on their 2nd rough draft. We've been working on giving reasons and evidence to support our thinking. Room 002 has a variety of opinions!

Fraction Bakeries!

This week we had to collaborate with other students in our classroom to make a fraction bakery. We had to decide the items that we would have and how we could cut them to share them equally. On Friday, we presented our bakeries to the class and shared our thinking!

Upcoming Dates

May 20: Field Day

May 30: No school, Memorial Day

June 6: Last Day of School