All About Me

By Bobby Miller

My favorite food is pizza.

There are many food in the world but, pizza is my favorite. It's just the combination of the cheese, sauce and bread that is so good. Bacon pizza is the best kinda of pizza.

My favorite thing to do is play videos games.

Videos games are endless fun. They can be funner depending on what game your playing. Videos games can also be alot funner if your playing with friend's.

My favorite game is Mario.

Mario is a classic. There are many different versions of Mario, Such as Mario-Party, Mario-Wii... My favorite one is Mario-Wii.

Console's are better than Pc.

Console's are better than Pc because, On Pc u can have lag. Console's don't break as easy. The only good thing about Pc is that u can use mod's.

My favorite subject is gym.

Gym is the best subject in school. Gym is the best because, it gives u a break from work. Gym is also the best subject because, you get exercise.