Paul Daniel Gillin

My Grandmother's Father


He was married to Mary Langton on the 19th of July, 1933. They were married at St. Charles Borromeo's R.C. Church in Newark, New Jersey. The officiating was rev. Franciw J. Grady and the witnesses were William Gillin and Zita Yeck.
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Life and Death

Paul Dainel Gillin was born on March 28, 1904 and lived for 79 years;he died on April 19, 1983. During his life, he married Mary Langton and had 5 children with her. The children were Margie, Kathy, Paul Dainel Gillin Jr., Jimmy, and Mary.

Important Events

1904- Russia battles Japan

-Jan 5th - England beat Australia at the MCG, Rhodes 7-56 & 8-68

-Jan 23th- Ålesund Fire: the Norwegian coastal town Ålesund is devastated by fire, leaving 10,000 people homeless and one person dead.

His Job

He worked for The Federal Bank of New York. He worked as a banker in the state Maine.