Dietary Guidelines

Lexie Jacobs

Important Information

  • Every 5 years if you are not feeling comfortable with yourself, then it is recommended that you focus on foods and beverages. This helps you maintain your health. Also helps you keep in weight range you should be in.
  • Health Risk- When not careful you could cause harm to your body when you don't watch what you eat and drink.

  • Diet- Special course of food to help loose wait or for a medical reason.


  • Age , Sex , Metabolism , Body Shape
  • Nutrient-Dense Foods are foods with lots of nutrients but with few calories

  • Risk Factor - Most likely way you eat causing a disease or injury
  • Not be able to walk, not getting what you need
  • cause sickness, very easily for you to be hurt
  • Watching watch you eat/drink , getting a daily workout

  • Do more things , live longer
  • 60 minutes of workout everyday
  • Walking/running/jogging , Dancing

  • Reduce risk of heart disease , Reduce high blood pressure , Reduce Chronic Diseases
  • Maintains your body , Gives you energy
  • Eat fruits & vegetables , drink milk & water , get amount of excersize needed

  • Butter , chocolate
  • Heart Disease
  • Eat breakfast , don't skip meals , cut down on the sweets

  • Fruits
  • White Bread
  • It can keep you nice fitted , healthy , and less likely to get diseases/illnesses

  • Helps control blood pressure & regulate the function of muscles
  • Mess up your kidneys & cause high blood pressure
  • Functions cells, tissue, & organs in the human bodies

  • Mess up your development , affect the brain , affect your vision

  • If you don't watch what you eat and drink it can mess up the way your body is needed to function. You could cause diseases from it and cause major harm to your body. Over all it just isn't good for you to eat greasy foods and lots of chocolate. This will cause high blood pressure. Anything with lots of sodium could mess up your kidneys. Stay healthy and active, you will be just fine
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