Figures of history

Here are a few influential figures who not only made history but affected the definition of perseverance for years.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is an influential and inspirational historical figure. He was born in 1847 on November 19th. His childhood was troublesome, as he was only cared for by his nanny most of his life. Throughout his life he has shown resilience and intelligence. For example, in 1940 when Churchill asked the Soviet Union for help in saving Britain and Europe from Nazi Germany Dominance even though he had a strong dislike for communist Soviet Union, he was able to put that aside and show intelligence and resilience when problems were thrown his way. He also showed many admirable qualities during the 1920’s because even though he faced many adversities like being made Secretary of State for the Colonies then losing his MP only a year later while hospitalized with Acute Appendicitis, he continued to help others and be a positive role model. However he is best known for being a successful Prime Minister during WWII. Not only was he a major help politically, he was also a painter, writer and continued to give many hopeful speeches publicly. Winston Churchill once said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never- in nothing, great or small, large or petty. Never give in, except to convictions of honour and good senses. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote, we know that Winston Churchill was dedicated and strongly believed in the power of one’s values. Overall, Winston Churchill is an influential and inspirational part of history that has affected many of people and our world today.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson played a significant role in American History and impacted the fight for equality tremendously. It all began when Jackie Robinson was invited to meet with Branch Rickey, the executive of “The Dodgers” baseball team. After Jackie was invited, he considered not going because he had been to several courtesy job interviews before, which all ended badly. But even though he was skeptical, he went to the interview anyways. Later when Jackie Robinson met with Branch Rickey, he was asked a series of questions and was shocked to find out he was actually being interviewed for a role in major league baseball. This surprised people everywhere because African Americans were only supposed to play in Negro Leagues during that time period. Lastly, Jackie Robinson was made aware of the adversities he was bound to face and was offered a position on Branch Rickey’s team. Today Jackie Robinson remains one of the best baseball players ever and his story continues to inspire people everywhere.

Losing to Win

In the video “Losing to Win” the girls who attend Carol Academy have faced many adversities throughout their life like living with addicts, dealing with disorders, and having parents who are in prison. Eventually they are forced to join a basketball team to help them overcome their troubled pasts and learn how to trust other people. Even though the girls have been discouraged multiple times because of their 218-game losing streak, the losses motivate them to try their best and become closer as a team. One of the main problems in the video is that many people have lost faith in the girls, and since no one believed in them, they began to lose faith in themselves. It was a big struggle for the girls to win games and to avoid reverting to past bad habits, but they learned to never give up and that you can do anything you put your mind too. The girls continued to work harder and harder so they could become better as a whole. Learning from their teammates benefited everyone because it helped them strengthen their weak spots, and make up for things their other teammates lacked in. Overall, the girls at Carol Academy show why it is important to keep trying and to always do your best even when others say you can’t.

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The End!

Overall, Winston Churchill, Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the lady Jags are a few examples of strong resilient people who have beat the odds and accomplished something great in their road to perseverance.