May 6th Newsletter

Check out our new learning & our exciting days in 4th grade!


In reading Miss Cavaliere's class is continuing to work on their Historical Fiction book clubs along with starting a new classroom Novel, Castle in the Attic. Ms. Jones' class is getting close to finishing up Castle in the Attic and we will both continue to work on reading comprehension, story elements, learning about fantasy novels and figurative language skills. The fourth quarter book report will be combined with the students Famous Missourian project, this last book report will be done all in class! You will find more information out about this project in the writing section below!


In writing we have finished our unit about Functional Writing, creating game directions with a partner! This unit was very fun for the students because they were able to work closely with a partner to come up with directions for their favorite game! We have now started to work on our Famous Missourian Project within our Expository Nonfiction unit. All students have been given their Famous Missourian. We have learned about good note-taking skills and will learn about plagiarism and creating a bibliography page next week! The students will do all of their researching, note-taking, drafting, revising and editing in class. The final project will be due on Wednesday, May 18th! Each student will get a chance to present their final project to the class!


In grammar we just began learning all about adverbs. We will talk about when and where adverbs are, and we will also learn comparative and superlative adverbs. This will lead us into adverbial clauses, like prepositional phrases which is what we will finish off the year with!


In math we have been working extremely hard on getting through the next few units. We finished up Unit 9 which was all about converting fractions, decimals and percents. We have recently started Unit 10 over reflections, lines of symmetry and positive and negative numbers. Miss Cavaliere's class will have their Unit 10 test on Friday, May 13th. Ms. Jones' class will have their Unit 10 test shortly after that! After finishing up Unit 10, we will end the year with 3-D shapes, weight, volume and capacity.


In religion we have finished up Chapters 18 and 19 about The Beatitudes and Living a Holy Life. Our Chapter 19 quiz will be Tuesday, May 10th. I have added a copy of the chapter 19 review guide so students are able to study over the weekend! We will begin chapter 20 over Living God's Covenant next week. Our Chapter 20 quiz will be Tuesday, May 17th. We will finish off the year with learning about the Prayer of Disciples and the Ten Commandments!

Social Studies

We have finished up learning about the Louisiana Purchase and the Gateway to the West. We are currently focusing on Slavery, the Civil War and Unequal Rights. We will continue to learn about Missouri's history and Missouri today! We will finish the year off learning all about Missouri's Government!


In science we have been working on Object in Motion, including Newton's Laws of Motion. The students have been working on using the scientific method to put together a demonstration for their assigned Law of Motion. These demonstrations will be presented next week! We will then finish off the year learning about Simple Machines!

Jefferson City

As many of you know our Jefferson City trip was definitely one for the books! The day at the Capitol and the Governor's Mansion was amazing and the kids truly learned a lot from this experience! We did have some difficulties with the bus that made the trip very memorable, it will be a trip that will never be forgotten! We are glad that everyone made it home safely after our busy day in Jefferson City! The students will be starting a project over what they learned on their study trip to Jefferson City next week!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 10th: Relgion Chapter 19 Quiz

Friday, May 13th: Unit 10 Math Test (Ms. Cavaliere's class only)

Tuesday, May 17th: Religion Chapter 20 Quiz

Wednesday, May 18th: May Crowning at 9:30am

Friday, May 20th: St. James Golf Tournament

Wednesday, May 25th: Relay for Life Breakfast, Field Day and Talent Show

Thursday, May 26th: Yearbook Signing, Mass and Last day of School! Happy Summer! :)

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Jones and Miss Cavaliere