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The Island of Caribbean : Anguilla

Serenity-seeking sophisticates appreciate Anguilla. With luxury Anguilla hotels and spas, cultural attractions such as art galleries and museums, and exciting land and water sports, this island will delight you during your Anguilla vacation. Craving fresh lobster, West Indian food, or Continental fare? You’ll find it all in delectable Anguilla, with more than 70 dining spots.

Type of Fish

  • Yellowtail snapper
  • Great Barracuda
  • Angel fish
  • Doctor fish/Blue tang
  • Blear eye/Bigeye
  • Goat fish


Some of Anguilla’s common shrubs and trees date from this period. They are the bearded

fig, fustic, cedar, masswood, cinnamint, alexanders, and loblolly. Anguilla shares them with Puerto

Rico and the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla has about five hundred species of plants, as do the other

limestone islands of the Lesser Antilles. More than two hundred of Anguilla’s native plants are

found on Puerto Rico too.

About sixty percent of Anguilla’s plants are native or wild. That is, they become

established and grow without any help from people. Some plants came by water and others by

air. The Amerindians first introduced papaya, cassava, corn, cotton, tobacco, and the calabash

tree whose dried fruit was used for making pots, pans and jugs. A

bout thirty five percent of Anguilla’s plants have been introduced. Most are cultivated as

food plants or ornamentals. About forty of them are grasses and weeds which have naturalised,

that is they grow on their own. A few, like pomegranates, tamarinds, acacias and pommesurettes

have escaped from gardens and joined the wild vegetation.


round trip

8:35 pm – 5:05 pm+1

American, Cape Air · US Airways

18h 30m


2 stops


round trip

5:54 pm – 6:15 pm+1

American, LIAT · US Airways

22h 21m


2 stops


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