Segers Herald

Sept. 25, 2015

Fee Fi Fo Fum

The phrase has been ringing out across the classroom and on the playground as the students recall the fun story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Throughout the several versions of the story we have read the students have noted the differences in characters and settings as well as events and endings. The stories we read were: Waynetta and the Cornstalk, Jim and the Beanstalk, and Kate and the Beanstalk. We’ve had a lot of fun retelling the story (making sure we had a beginning, middle and ending), doing a character/setting analysis of four different versions and learning some new vocabulary (giantess, market, beggar, oculist, tumbling). The students used pictures to retell the story to a turn and talk buddy being sure to include the words “at the beginning”, “in the middle” and “at the end” to denote when certain events occurred. Since each story made mention of seeds of some sort our science focus has been on seeds, their job and how they grow. The students are experimenting with the forced opening of seeds now and hope to see results within a few days. Every “Jack” story had an enormous beanstalk so each student made a beanstalk, measured it with unifix cubes and attached a picture of themselves climbing the stalk. One book we read – Jack and the Hungry Giant -- was all about Jack and the Giant preparing a nutritious meal. Naturally the students were able to use their knowledge of food groups to really understand the story. To help the students understand more about where food comes from we read Farms Feed the World and determined what farm would produce our favorite foods. Our next fairy tale will be The Three Little Pigs. This story leads us on a journey to see how engineers work, what pigs really eat and how pigs feed us.

What's to Come?

Next week will begin an intense look at The Three LIttle Pigs. We'll continue to work on math (especially numbers 6-10) while still reviewing the hidden partners in numbers 1-5. Shape identification and manipulation will be done with explorations and building pig houses. Our Master Gardener, Miss Dianne, will be coming on Monday to plant seeds and perennials with the students. If you have gardening gloves for them, please send and we'll make sure they are used. The letter focus will be on Hh, Tt, and Rr.

CCRS: RLK.10; RLK.3; RFK.3.a; FK1.3; CC.3; CC.4.9; MD.2; G.2;

Approved: B Schmitt

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Have a fun and safe weekend!