Reading Beyond the Primary Grades

Encouraging your student to read!

What are the goals for reading and literacy beyond K-2 grades?

The goal for your student is that they would be able to change from reading for enjoyment to reading for information. Your student will need to ask critical questions as they read an informational text. Some examples are: Who has written the text or website information? What point of view is being expressed? When was the information written? What evidence is presented to support the ideas? There are many ways to help your students outside of the classroom.

How can you help your student reach their goal?

State testing requires that students know how to navigate through fictional and informational passages. There are many ways to help guide your student through the transition from personal enjoyment text to informational text. Read newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, how-to books, travel guides, biographies, or other informational text with your student!

Specific strategies for you & your student at home

Other strategies

  • Pointing out text features (table of contents, captions, glossary, text boxes, pictures, diagrams, titles, headings, boldface words, etc.)
  • Fluency - have your student read to you
  • Asking students to summarize what you just read in the last paragraph to check for understanding
  • Ask the student why the author wrote the article
  • Having the student make inferences or predictions
  • Have students look at the topic and write down things or tell an adult what they know already about the topic and what they want to learn about the topic. Then after reading the text, have your student write or tell about things they learned about the topic from reading the text.


I'm always available to answer any questions you may have or give you specific strategies on how to help your student. Also, if you are needing reading material that is at your child's reading level, please let me know and I will give you names of materials or let you borrow what I have! Please feel free to contact me from the information below. Thank you for taking the time to prepare your student for the transition.