Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil


Brand name and Chemical name...

Brand Name: Trans Fat

Chemical Name: Hyrdrogenated Vegetable Oil

What is it and what foods it in?

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is a manufactured product produced by taking a normal vegetable and adding metal as a catalyst. It is mainly found in fast food products and almost any commercially prepared foods.

what does it do?

Hydrogenated vegetable oils make the people who consume it gain weight. It stores it in the body as fat and if you consume more then you will obviously gain more weight.

I am agianst this because....

Hydrogenated vegetable oil makes you gain weight, the bad kind of weight. It is linked to causing heart disease by clogging up blood and making the blood cells thicker and harder to pump through out th body. It raises LDL ("bad" cholesteral) and lowers HDL ("good" cholesteral). This is also linked to being a helping cause to cancer.