Hatred & Bigotry

Erika Van Hesteren and Anne Frank

By: Jakari Cason

Hatred and Bigotry is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

  • Hatred and Bigotry is all over the world. When the Nazis had hate against Jews and mark them as property i think that accounts for Hatred & Bigotry. Also as individuals and groups we can try to stay positive and stay standing so they do not think your weak.
  • Anne's parents are showing goodness by allowing extra people to go in hiding with them. And Anne's sister show goodness by being very helpful and motivated to there friends and family. And Peter show goodness by not causing drama with his dad even though his dad is being mean and Peter also shares his food with Anne.
  • When Anne did not realize the good and evil she was saying she hate Germans and she want them to all die. But when she realize the concept of good and evil she took that back because she said just because they do it does not mean its right nor does it mean she can say stuff like that.
  • Anne's conception of goodness and evil evolve by her telling the story of her sitting in a very small space and can not go to school or even leave for any reason which is the germans fault. And yes i agree with Anne cause she should not have to feel that she has evil people coming for her and her family or have to hide from so yes i agree.

Bert Bochove rescued people from the hatred and bigotry of the Nazis.

  1. Who was he?
  • Bert married a woman named Annie who was a pharmacist.
  • Bert and Annie had two girls who were named Marie Louise and Erik.
  • Bert had his own store.
  • He's dutch
  1. What did he do ?
  • Bert Bochove was one of the heroes of the Holocaust due to his bravery with saving many jewish lives.
  1. Why do we remember him?
  • Because he save a lot of jews.
  • He fed jews.
  • He went into hiding with jews.
  1. How did he embody the theme that you chose?
  • Because he saved people from going through it.

Hatred and Bigotry is a theme that is relevant to my life.

  1. How is this a big idea that is relevant to my life and why do we remember people like Bert Berchove?

  • Hatred and Bigotry is relevant to my life because i still see it today and people still have hate because of my race and skin color.
  • We remember people like Bert Berchove because he has help what is today to us better for us and he helped gain our freedom without it being as bad as back in the day.
  • Also hatred and bigotry is relevant to my life because nowadays kids and adults take that stuff for advantage. Which is kind of sad so this is why that theme is related to my life.
  • But like i said it is still going on today cause now in the news all you see is white polices killing black males. And its sad that they feel they can do that.