CSS phonics workshop

the auditorium at 8 am

Do you want your child to start reading at early age ?

Join our workshop for more helpful tips. Is your child is going to primary 1 and still can't read? Does your child have a problem memorizing his spelling list after one day?

Learn all the tactics that our teachers use to help your child read fluently. Have your own phonics center.

Every Thursday at 8 am.

Learn the sounds of the 26 letters. Learn blending and segmenting the sounds to build up words. Learn how to help your child read CVC and CCVC words. Learn to differentiate constants and vowels. Learn more about the tricky words. Learn how to help your child to understand the silent 'e' concept.

more Fun

Helpful and Fun

Laurie Fyke, Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer & Educational Author

Be one of the million parents that have enjoyed being in Laurie's work shop and register now via email.

Looking forward seeing you.