4 most dangerous places

In the world

There are many dangerous places in the world. Some are dangerous for people. Others are dangerous for the amount of activity. In this article you are going to read about some of the most dangerous areas in the world because of the volcanic and earthquake activity. Be prepared, some of the images or text may be disturbing to some viewers.

Dili Why you would want to live here

Dili, East Timor is a place with a lot of beaches and grassy hills. This location might be a place you would like to visit but that’s if you have only seen it in pictures and never heard about all the earthquakes. This location is a beautiful place and has really good people. Dili, East Timor has a lot of small and deadly earthquakes.

Tectonic plates

The tectonic plates are Sunda and Indo Australian plates. These plates are pushing up and creating small hills and strange landforms like really odd Plato’s that have hole in the middle of the flat land. These plates are making the land really bizarre. These plates are really jagged and that’s what causes all the small earthquakes and the random big earthquakes they receive. Most of the small ones don’t even shake the houses but they let the people know.

Why its dangerous

Dili, East Timor is a dangerous place to live because you never know if the ground will stop shaking or if it will be a big earthquake this causes people to wonder and get scared. I wouldn’t recommend living here.

Indonesia why you want to live there

Indonesia is a very nice to live its well known for having the most delicious coffee and tea in the world. While having a cup of coffee why not try some of the many cuisines Indonesia have to offer. Indonesia’s year round summers make it irresistible not to head to majestic beaches. They also have hot springs and tropical forest that hide exotic Animals.

Tectonic Plates

Indonesia’s tectonic plates are complex because there are four plates instead of two meeting. Indonesia was two continental plates the Eurasian plate and the Australian plate and two oceanic plates he Philippines and pacific plate the idea oceanic plate sub ducts goes beneath the Eurasian plate which formed the volcanic are in the western part of Indonesia which is one of the most active earthquake locations in the world. The Pacific and Australian plate movements controlled the tectonics of the eastern portion of Indonesia

Why its dangerous

Indonesia's Tambo volcano had one of the worst eruptions in the It sends enough pulverized rock into the atmosphere to disrupt weather around the globe for more than a year. he ash falling on islands nearby immediately suffocated crops. That alone killed 92,000 people 200,000 people died in Eastern and Southern Europe die from hunger and typhus.Indonesia's has also had terrible earthquakes as well.Sumatra Indonesia,had a Magnitude of 9.1 cause 227,898 deaths and 1.7 million people were

displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Why People Live in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the major city in the country of Japan which is an island in the Pacific ocean. Tokyo is a big, busy and restless city, Tokyo is also one of the world major city of technology. The city of Tokyo is a very bright and colorful city with technology almost everywhere a person can turn. People that like a variety of food has tacos, sushi, pizza, hamburgers and more. People think since Tokyo is a big city it would have a lot of crime that is not the case, Tokyo has a very low crime rate. People that don’t know how to drive a car or doesn't have one it doesn’t matter, they have train that are going almost everywhere.

Japan Plates

Tokyo is near the Eurasian, North American, Pacific, and Philippine plates.

were the Pacific plate goes under the North American plates. Which makes rock breaks and causes earthquakes and tsunamis. The Philippine plate goes under the north American plate. The Philippine plate goes over the Pacific plate. Which causes many earthquakes in Tokyo, japan and in result the plate also forms trenches and mountains.

Why it is Danergous

Tokyo, Japan is very dangerous place because in 2011 in earthquakes and tsunamis killed 120,000 people. It cost Japan 200 billion dollars in damage. Japan is so dangerous it is near so many plate and fault lines. Which cause many earthquakes and very deadly tsunamis. Which make Tokyo a dangerous place because of the earthquakes and tsunamis killing so much and costing so much.


The city of Eureka is a very lovely area. It is located in the beautiful California. Eureka also has Fort Humboldt State park within its city limits. Many people live in this area for its beautiful ocean and old style housing. Eureka is very popular for their state park and college. A big attraction is the Redwoods.

Tectonic activity

Eureka is located on the coast of California. This area is located on the North American Plate. The problem is where Eureka is located, is two plates are right next to each other. The Juan De Fuca and North American plate boundaries are located next to Eureka. This causes a lot of activity with the city. The plates in the area are rubbing together in a jolting way. This is causing the earthquakes in the area. The effect of this many trenches and a rocky beach in the area.

Why is it dangerous

This area is a dangerous place for many reasons. 1. It has a high amount of tectonic activity. 2. This area is very open to a tsunami. 3. In the event of a tsunami, there would be many deaths because of high population on the coast. Many hotels and tourist attractions are on the coast. That is why Eureka is a dangerous area to live.
We told you about four places and why people live there. You were inform about why people live in Dili, Indonesia, Tokyo, and Euraca. You found out why they have tectonic active in the place. Why they are so dangerous and how much damage it causes. I hope this helped you.