Resources for Efficient Research

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What's the matter with Google?

Students aren't sophisticated researchers and often don't discern between a reliable, current source and a biased, unverified, or inaccurate source.

Let's try Bing...

Look at all the choices it gives!

There's a more reliable way...

Resources in Context Highlights:

  • Topic Pages for Efficient Research
  • Interactive Topical Maps
  • Export Citations Directly to EasyBib
  • Reads in Translation
  • Reading Levels of Results Coded

Britannica Highlights:

  • Change Reading Levels within Articles
  • Explore Biography
  • Can You Guess?
  • Did You Know?
  • Compare Countries

World Book Online Highlights:

  • Current Events Quiz
  • Timelines and EBooks
  • Early World of Learning, Kids, Student, Advanced
  • Lexile Levels

Check with your librarian about other wonderful resources available for your use!