Union Weekly Staff Update

Volume 19- January 3, 2015

Our Mission

Union Elementary strives to create a nurturing and kid focused learning environment where teachers, students, and parents work together in supportive and collaborative partnerships so all students can meet their potential.

A Message from Jen

Greetings and welcome back!! I trust you had a nice break with friends and family. I know we are all excited to get the new semester underway and I’m excited to see all of the fabulous experiences you have planned for students in the coming months. We have had a wonderful first semester and I look forward to continuing this momentum into 2016. This school year is truly flying by!
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This Week's Events

Beginning January 4th-AIMSWEB Testing. See email from Kathy Roy

Beginning January 5th- NWEA Testing. See schedule from Maggie **Please be sure you have created your test sessions

Beginning January 4th- Fit Kidz with Jenny LeBlanc during PE

***This includes kindergarten on Tuesdays






Monday, January 4th

Maggie out, AM

Tuesday, January 5th

Initial Interest forms for Student Grants due by end of day

Jen out for HumanEx training

8:00, STEM PLC in Trish's room

3:30, Special Ed Schedule meeting- Katie, Deb, IAs

4:00, District Discussion at ESC

Wednesday, January 6th

Jen out for HumanEx training

Trish out for training

9:15, PTO Exec Meeting in Conference Room- Erin

Star Student Lunches in Conference Room- Erin

3:00, Initial Case Conference in Conference Room, Emily Duhn, Maggie Ioannacci, Jamie Smith, Kathy Roy, Debbie Andrus

Thursday, January 7th

Grades due by 8 AM

Erin out for HumanEx training, AM

10:00, Office Meeting

Friday, January 8th

9:30, ABM Meeting

Looking ahead...

January 12th- Staff Meeting; Spelling Bee

January 13th- Union University, 3:45 in the Green Lab, PBL in the Elementary Classroom

January 14th- 4th Grade SBRC (Jen and Breanne T out); Erin, Trish and Sharon out to present at Purdue :)

E Day Preparations


Imagine with me for a second that we have already had a snow day that has been tacked onto the end of the year and that we are expecting 2 feet of snow and ice. How prepared would you be to have an eDay?

Here are a few questions to help you assess how ready you really are to run a successful eDay…

1) Have you published your homeroom Canvas course? * Please make sure you have published your homeroom and NOT your master class*

2) Have you practiced using Canvas on a frequent basis? Have you modeled how to go through a module with your class? Do you know how to create and publish a module? Resource guides below.

a. How do I create a Module?

b. How do I add items to a Module?

3) Do you know how to put the eDay button on their Canvas page and correctly link it to their eDay module?

a. Here is a video of the process https://youtu.be/spxR8WyBRjo

4) Have you let your Jen/Erin know if you don't have internet access at home? If not, please do so ASAP.

5) Feeling confused? We can help! Keep reading.

6) Are you a special education teacher? Your plan will look different! You may not know what is posted for your students until 9:00am and it is impossible for them to review all of those in such a short amount of time. It would be best practice for you to check in with students and be available for help as needed throughout the day. I know a lot of the special education department gives their phone numbers to the families they work with, however we can provide you with a google number to be called and you can dial *67 before calling to block your number if needed. If they would like a google number please put in a technology work order.

7) Are you a specials teacher? You will need to supply individual lessons to the classes they would have that day. Since Specials teachers have content within their own Canvas courses, the classroom teacher needs to remind students which special they have that day. Library and PE will be provided by classroom teachers.

8) Do your teachers still need helpful resources? Attached is the digital learning checklist from Kyle and Carly and below is a link to their SMORE with the TOP TEN TOOLS to use on an eDay. This is GREAT STUFF and provides some awesome ideas on ways to make sure that the digital learning day is truly digital and doesn't require students to gather materials from around the house for the lesson.

a. https://www.smore.com/hy4u8

9) Still have questions? Need an extra set of hands in the lab as you work through a module with your class? Jen, Erin, and Carly are all eager and willing to help! Please don't hesitate to reach out!