Gingko Newsletter

Week of May 9, 2016

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Hello Gingko Families!

It was a busy week for the Gingkoes!

This week we...

Welcomed our eggs! We received 18 chicken eggs on Wednesday afternoon! The eggs are currently in an incubator in our classroom! We are so excited about the new addition to our room! We wrote a list of questions we have about the eggs, chicks, and chickens. We learned more about our eggs by reading a non-fiction book about chickens!

Worked on sorting. We drew flowers and sorted all of the flowers we created by color. We sorted attribute blocks by color, shape, and size. We also played a fun sorting game called "Guess My Rule." We sorted shapes into groups and glued them down onto special paper.

Visited Fort Greene Park twice! On Monday, we got new garden notebooks. After we played in the park, we took our notebooks and colored pencils and looked for flowers and plants. We drew one of the plants we found, working carefully to add details and labels. We shared some of our work when we got back to school. On Friday, we played "Duck, Duck, Goose" in the park.

Wrote more stories! Some kids chose to write stories about times when they had very strong feelings. There were stories about sad times, happy times, angry times, and sleepy times!

Played with soapy water in the sensory table during exploration!

Visited a garden! We visited the Carlton Bears Community Garden together! We started by taking a walk through the garden as a class. We then explored the garden on our own or with friends. We brought our garden notebooks with us and drew things that we found. It was a truly magical experience and we can't wait to visit again and watch the garden change and grow over time!

At home you can...

Ask your child how to play "Guess My Rule" and play together!

Do some chicken research together! Ask you child what they want to know about chickens and eggs. Watch videos or do online research, read books, ask friends or neighbors that might have some knowledge! Encourage your child to share their findings with our class!

Draw plants or insects or anything interesting you can find outdoors. Encourage your child to add labels to their drawings!

Ask your child about our visit to the garden! What did you see there? What did you do there?

Drawing in Fort Greene Park

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Drawing and Sorting Flowers


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Carlton Bears Garden Visit

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Sorting Shapes

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