How Coal Forms In The Earth

Forms In The Earth, Coal Does -as once said by yoda

What Is Coal?

Coal Is A Combustible Black Rock Consisting Mainly Of Carbonized Plant Matter and is Found Mainly In Underground Deposits And Is Usually Used as Fuel.

The Formation Of Coal

300 million years ago coal was actually a plant that grew in dense forests. Ocean water often flooded these forests killing the plants and forcing them into the ground. The plants started to decompose and sink into the crust and compact. The Ocean kept flooding the forests and pressured the coal further into the crust over time. Later the rock cycle caused the coal to compact into the rock-like shape that it is now. Tectonic plates moved the coal and spread it out underneath the crust. The spreading process took a lot of time and made coal chains as long as 1,500 kilometers (about 932 miles) and only 17 meters tall! Once the coal became these large layers, we came along, (and through a lot of digging) we found the coal. Not soon afterwards we discovered that we could use coal as an electricity and fuel source but not much else. We then discovered how long it takes for the coal to be made and named it a non-renewable resource meaning that we have a limited amout of it. That is how coal formed and came to "the hands of man".