Let's Get Techy!

Newsletter January 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break with lots of quality time with family and loved ones.

As we begin the second semester, I will be sending out periodic newsletters showing some various technology integration ideas for your classroom.

Change is never fine!

Augmented Reality Apps

  • Bring static prints to life!

Student Showcase

Enjoy watching these videos showing students incorporating technology into their lessons.

Let me know when I can showcase your students!!

  • Integers- Mrs. Jones using iMovie
  • Lady MacBeth- Mrs. Oliver using Tellagami
  • How would you spend $100.00? Mrs. Ewing using PicCollage
Lady Macbeth

Apps being used by students:

Apps for teachers

iPad Tips and Tricks

**1. Turn Favorite Sites into Links

Do you have a favorite web site that you visit often? It might save some time to save that link as a Home screen button. Surf to the site and then choose the "share square" sign next to the URL field. The drop down list has an item that says "Add to Home Screen". Click Add. It now shows up like any other app.

**2. Better Reader Mode

Hate seeing all those ads when reading an article? What this video to learn how to customize reader mode.
Use & Customize Reader Mode on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch [How-To]


https://plooten.youcanbook.me/ Visit this website to schedule me to come help you! I helped several teachers get started with the Nearpod app and the kids love it!

Let me help you set up a Kahoot game, use Socrative, or help with any other apps.

Let Me Know How I Can Help You!

I am more than happy to co-plan, co-teach, or facilitate the use of technology in your classroom. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.