A Philip Randolph

By Lane Cacek


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A Philip Randolph was a leader in the African American civil rights movement during the 1960s. He stood next to Martin Luther King Jr. as he gave his "I Had A Dream" Speech in Washington DC. He was born April 15th 1889 and died may 16th 1979. He was also the man who planned to march on washington DC to achieve equal rights for African Americans during WWII, but it never happened. He lead many protests in large numbers throughout his life, all of them to try and achieve equal rights and fair treatment for African Americans, fair treatment at their jobs and fair treatment everywhere they went.
A Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom


"Freedom is never given, it is won" -A Philip Randolph

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Alongside Martin Luther King Jr. A Philip Randolph is considered one of the most influential African American leaders of all time. The things he accomplished and did in his life were great things for the African American citizens of the U.S.
A. Philip Randolph - Civil Rights Pioneer