Intolerance in the 1930's

By: Mia Pineiro

Intolerance in To Kill a Mockingbird

A person or group of people who won't accept another person because of their culture, and one's morals. He, she, or they would be acting in a prejudice or intolerable manner, or be found as a bigot.

The trial of Tom Robinson has shown what it was like to be an African-American, but still treated poorly. Being accused of doing nothing, then said to be guilty, and to be punished for it. The twist was Tom was set up; one of our mockingbirds shot down by Mayella Ewell.

Stong communities define themselves by whom they exclude.

During the Great Depression,1930s, communities were strong by excluding people who were not part of the community. A small town such as Maycomb, can be considered a strong community yet full of intolerance. It's divided into social classes. The Finches on top, the rest of the townspeople in the middle, the Cunninghams next, the Ewell's after, and the Negroes last.

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Message and its relevance

Harper Lee's message

Harper Lee wanted to send a message that by excluding others from a community because of who they are as a person doesn't define a strong community. Only builds a community to be filled with intolerance. A community today, in the 21st century, wouldn't be the same as one in the 1930s during the Great Depression.
Today, communities have different cultures, religions, and morals and the citizens living are tolerable of one and another. We stand as one person and as one community.

My story of intolerance

Before I moved to Derry, New Hampshire in 2012. I live in Fort lauderdale Davie, Florida. I attended Seminole Middle school. In the two years I went to that school, there was a lot of intolerance. Especially towards me. It was because I was Hispanic, other Hispanic girls treated me differently. Just because I didn't look Hispanic, I couldn't speak Spanish, and because I didn't have an accent. It wasn't fair that because I didn't look or talk in a certain way, those girls wouldn't associate with me.

Above the intolerance!

Famous people who have gone down into history that we know of because of their courageous acts, and their stories about standing above intolerance.

Racism in 1930's