The Battle of Kursk

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Battle of Kursk Facts

1. The Battle of Kursk took place in July 1943.

2. The battle occurred in Prokhorovka, 50 miles southeast of Kursk, Russia.

3. The objective of the battle for the Germans was to continue with Operation Barbarossa (invasion of Russia). For the Russians, their objective was to continue to push the Germans back in Russia.

4. The major participants were the Germans and Russians.

5. The main method of warfare used were tanks. The Germans used 900,000 soldiers, 10,000 artillery guns, 2,700 tanks and 2,000 aircraft. The Russians countered with 1.3 million soldiers, 20,000 artillery pieces, 3,600 tanks and 2,400 planes.

6. The number of casualties for the Germans were 170,000 and for the Russians, 685,000.

7. The outcome of the battle saw the Russians stop the major German offensive.

8. The Battle of Kursk had major consequences for the Germans. It was the last major offensive they launched in Russia. Now, their forces only faced retreat and attempting to stop the Russian advance toward Germany.

1943 Battle of Kursk - Russian Footage Only