ENMS 11-8-13

Outside Duty Change

Just a reminder that outside duties will be changing starting Monday. 11 people just got excited and 10 others just said crap! Anyways here are your duties which can also be found in the staff handbook.

Corner of Diamond and Sheridan St.- Joy

Sheridan St Entrance- White, Blomeke (Blomeke grab the radio from old office)

Doors by 100/101- S. David

Riley St. Bus Entrance- Irons

Bus Parking Lot- Jarrett, Freels, Williams (Freels grab the clipboard from the office)

Riley St. Entrance- Stauffer, Ackerman

Monday Morning

A reminder that we will have our Veterans day program on Monday morning. More information will come out shortly regarding the schedule.

Speak Up Survey

Yesterday I sent out an email regarding the speak up survey. Make sure to read this email and plan on doing this during your AL. Reminder also that staff needs to be taking the survey sometime before December 20th.

Public Meetings

Starting this upcoming week the corporation will be holding public meetings to discuss the future of the middle school. There are currently no set plans in place. During these meetings the corporation will present the issues with the building, financing options, along with other information and are looking for public input into the plans. The first meeting will be held at the middle school beginning at 6:30 in the auditorium. Monday evening will be at Rome City and Tuesday evening will be at Avilla, both meetings will also start at 6;30.

Contacting Parents

Just a reminder to continue contacting parents regarding missing assignments, poor behavior, and poor grades. I know it can feel as if we are beating ourselves against a wall but we need to keep the parents informed. I called a parent today regarding a discipline issue and asked her if a teacher has contacted her regarding missing assignments. (the student hasn't turned in one assignment for the 2nd nine weeks in this class). The parent told me she has not heard anything from the teacher and wasn't aware he had the missing assignments (yes i know they can get on and check themselves...not the point here).

It is difficult for me to defend you with parents when they call to complain about lack of teacher contact; when you have contacted them at all. It gives us more fire power when talking to parents.