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Running Record Scoring

A guide to score running record accuracy and fluency. Use this with the Comprehension Rubrics.

LA PACE Resources

PACE Guidelines

1st Grade Indicators

2nd Grade Indicators

3rd Grade Indicators

4th Grade Indicators

5th Grade Indicators

PACE LA Exit Process

  • Students who qualify for PACE Language Arts will automatically re-qualify the following years as long as they meet the criteria for the next grade level.
  • Students who do not meet the new qualifying criteria will be placed in PACE Language Arts on a probationary basis as noted on the parent letter.
  • The teacher should begin an open dialogue with the parent of the reading behaviors and skills the child needs to develop in order to reach the DRA level that will qualify them to stay in PACE LA.
  • The teacher should be meeting with students on probation (and all PACE LA students) at least twice a week in small group instructions.
  • In January, students placed in PACE Language Arts on a probationary basis should be re-administered a DRA/EDL2 to determine current reading level. If the student is not reading more than one grade level above the grade level expectation, they should be removed from the PACE Language Arts List and the PACE Exit Letter should be sent home to parents (see PACE LA Exit Letter tab).
  • The teacher should initiate a conference to explain the change to the parents and be prepared with evidence of the learning opportunities that were provided to the student in an effort to help them to continue to qualify for PACE LA.

PACE LA Exit Letter

Reader's Workshop

Are you struggling with systems and management for what your students are doing as you meet with guided reading groups?

Here are some resources for structures that can help you get started.

In our library:

  • The Daily 5
  • The CAFE Book
  • Literacy Work Stations
  • Practice with Purpose (3-6 specifically)


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