The strong smelling herb.

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Allium Sativum (Amaryllidaceae)

Garlic is the common name, but goes by Lassun (in Hindi), l'ail (French), and Aglio (Italian). Garlic's center of origin is Central Asia which also includes Carrot's, Onion, and Spinach. Garlic can be found all around the world now and is used both as an herb for flavor or medicinally.

Central Asia.

Relatives of garlic were found in central Asia dating back 10,000 years, when tribes would gather them and use them for food and medicine. From Central Asia garlic has moved to the Mediterranean, India, China, and America by way of the colonist's and is now found all over the world. China is the world's leader in cultivation of garlic, at more then 3/4 of the worlds supply in 2010.


The garlic plant bulb is used the most commonly of all other parts of the plant. More can be planted from just the bulb itself, they are planted during the end of the year before the freeze and harvested in the spring. The bulb can be broken down into smaller cloves and consumed raw or cooked, the leaves and flowers can also be eaten and have a milder flavor. Scapes or the younger stalks of the plant that has not fully matured can also be eaten or used as an herb for cooking.

Secondary Chemical.

Allicin a secondary chemical found in garlic has shown to help with breast cancer, although not helping cure the cancer but more in helping to prevent it. Allicin can also be used as an antiseptic, crush the garlic and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes then apply to a wound, the allicin that comes from the garlic will kill the bacteria that can cause infection. This secondary chemical has also been used in helping to lower Cholesterol which may help in a lower chance of stroke, and heart attack.


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