The Roar by Emma Clayton

Summer reading Project By Josh Ballard









Inciting Incident

When Mika enters the competition for the space pod game and he thinks this is the way to Ellie. Helen tells him not to enter the competition but ignores Helen and does it anyways.

Rising Action

They win the 2nd round of the competition and get these YDF pills that make them see light trails on people and objects.

They put these electrodes on Mika's head to see what was going through his head during the film.

They train them to use the lights that they see because of the YDF pills to move the object around at the training sight were Mika finds Ellie.


Mika wins the competition and gets the space pod and the home in the golden turrets and Mika's mom and dad are very happy that they got this home from the video game and the test they took on the and trained them.

Falling action

They all realize that they were being trained for a war and that is why they had to drink the fit mix in their class. That is also why they held a competition that the winners got a space pod.

Gorman knows that Mika knows Ellie is hear so Gorman makes a deal to stay in the golden turrets and Ellie would come home with Mika.

Mika and Audrey try to escape the horde of people from the shadows that came and started tearing the golden turrets apart.

Gorman got mad at Mika and Audrey that they got in t he pod and started it up and left and Gorman sent people after them and then realized that he was being foolish and stopped firing at Mika and Audrey.


Gorman keeps his end of the bargain and Ellie comes home with Mika after all Mika's hard work of trying to get Ellie back home finally paid off and Gorman apologized that it was a accident that the YDF was trying to shoot down Mika and Audrey.


Ellie was kidnapped when she went down stairs and her parents were gone and then she was trained by Gorman the person who kidnapped her for a army he was trying build with 12 and 13 year old kids. Then they get news that they killed Ellie but she didn't die and Mika didn't believe it either and then he never washed Ellie's bed he believed that Ellie was still alive and that it smelled like her. Then Mika's parents noticed that Mika has been acting strange when Ellie got kidnapped but they never knew that Ellie and Mika where so closely bonded that Mika got some of Ellie's thoughts and sights. Mika's parents called Helen to help Mika out with his problems but then he figures out that she gets him and that she knows whats going on and whats to come. When Mika goes to his school they start use the YDF program and getting them fit an they have to drink the fit mix but Mika refuses and then his parents get a hundred dollar credit fine for Mika not drinking the fit mix. Mika starts to go to the arcade to play this new space pod fighter game and he thinks that he will find Ellie in it. Helen sends Mika a letter saying that she has done her part and that she doesn't need to help Mika anymore. Then she sends them a bunch of biscuits and one has a letter containing something that Mika needed to know. The arcade starts a competition that involves the new arcade game and the winners get a home in the golden turrets and a space pod. Mika has to find a partner and he finds this girl which is a great gunner and her name is Audrey and then they partner up and beat the first and second rounds and they get these YDF pills that make them see light trails being object and people. They do the test on Mika by making him watch a film and seeing what he is thinking. They train them in area far away to train the trail of light they see and making objects float with their eyes. Mika finds Ellie in the training area and now is more dedicated then ever to win this competition. Mika and Audrey win the competition and before they go home Gorman tells Mika that he knows that he has Ellie and says that if you want her to go home to her family that you have to stay in the golden turrets all day tomorrow. Mika agrees to the deal and they stay there all day until a war breaks and that they have to retreat and take the pod and go and they did but then they were being chased by Gorman's men. They were getting shot at so they wouldn't see behind the wall. Gorman Realizes that he was being a fool so he seized fire and then when Mika came to get her sister Gorman apologized that he was firing at them and then Mika took Ellie home.

Character analysis

Mika is a person who is very determined and is the guy who would never give up like you can see how determined he was to get Ellie back and he is very stubborn to get what he wants Mika is being stubborn to get Ellie back and anything that was hers even her bed Mika wouldn't let his mom wash Ellie's bed. Mika is also very gullible he wants Ellie so bad that anything anyone says is the way for Ellie he does it to try and get Ellie back. Mika is also very anxious to get Ellie back because when Helen comes he talks about Ellie and then Helen tells him to play the space pod game and he does it right away thinking he will find Ellie and take her home and show his parents that Ellie is still alive.